Welcome into the visitor-cellar on Galgenberg

The Galgenberg

Among the most outstanding sights of Wildendürnbach heard of "Golingbir", the "Galgenberg", the picturesquely situated Kellerberg, in the Wildendürnbacher are unanimous.
But as in other wine regions growers are becoming less in Wildendürnbach. The number of visitors is increasing, however. This leads to a problem that guests increasingly rare winemakers encounter in their basements. Among the ancient vintners it had already become a tradition around the gallows during its work always to have their cellars open.

For the community it was clear that here an alternative must be found to keep the visitors: Therefore, the municipality has set up a visitors Wildendürnbach cellar amidst the cellar village. A small press house that is owned by the municipality recently, is now meeting point for visitors, if just is not a winemaker at Galgenberg once.
The former press house is furnished with a table and some chairs for disengagement. A shelf contains information materials about the wine village and wine bottles and glasses for self-service and tasting of wines Wildendürnbacher.

Another new feature is the installation of a touch screen, which provides information using the technique of Gem2Go about important information the municipality Wildendürnbach and invites visitors to take a tour through the Kellerberg.

Information panel:

Code Nr.  Winegrower  History Winecellar
 A kellernr 8.JPG  LANZ Erich  Weinkeller   keller 8.jpg
 B kellernr 48.JPG  BRUCKNER Hermann

 ca. 300 Jahre altes Gewölbe

 Schloss Kirchstetten

  keller 48.jpg
 C kellernr 45.jpg  BEIWITZ Leopold  altes Kreuzgewölbe   keller 45.jpg
D  EDER Josef/Fritz/Roland  Winzer persönlich
E kellernr 132.jpg FRITZ Herbert

gesch. Keller


  keller 132.jpg
F kellernr 118.jpg LACHINGER Rupert

Bauweise / Verbindung

2 Keller

  keller 118.jpg
G kellernr 50.JPG Selbstbedienungskeller     Selbstbedienungskeller.jpg
H kellernr 115.jpg Dkfm. LUDWIG Johann

Kriegsende im Keller

Ltz. Messe

  keller 115.jpg

 altes Relikt


 altes Relikt

P  kellernr 98.JPG KRISTA Leopold

 ursprüngl. Kellerbauweise


  keller 98.JPG
 L  kellernr 112.jpg  STÖGER Siegfried  Winzer persönlich   keller 112.jpg
 K  kellernr 113.jpg  HARRACH Herbert/Monika


 Winzer persönlich

  Harrach Herbert & Monika
M  KICHLER Johannes Tafel Stromversorgung  
N kellernr 125.jpg DEV - Keller Vereinskeller   keller 125.jpg
X kellernr 156.jpg FRITZ Josef Kriegstage   keller 156.jpg
R  EDER Johann/Erika  Winzer persönlich